Building Enterprise Information Architectures
by Melissa A. Cook
ISBN 0134402561

mybookcleanimage“In this book, noted expert Melissa A. Cook shows you how to put business management back in charge of processes and information, using easy-to-understand principles that have worked since antiquity. Whether you are an executive manager or a technical professional, you can use these principles to integrate the enterprise with information systems that are more flexible, less complex, less expensive, and fully supportive of your business process reengineering efforts. Building Enterprise Information Architecture is, in short, field guide for taking control of information technology and making it serve your bidding – instead of the other way round.”

“I have read a lot of books and articles about enterprise engineering, reengineering and the like, but this is the first time I have read anything that tells how to do it so the resultant enterprise will actually work.”

“…a great book because it can easily be read by someone who has no knowledge of information or systems or computers or technology.  That is, it is a book for Enterprise Management.”

“..Melissa has taken an arcane subject, “Enterprise Modeling,” and made it so clear and intuitively obvious that it is embarrassing to realize how primitive our approaches have been for so many years.  If that isn’t embarrassing enough, she observes that the basic concepts have been around since Aristotle!”

From the forward by John Zachman, leading expert on Enterprise Architecture